Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jada is a better woman than me

I am Yours (Heartbeat #3)- Faith Sullivan   

I received this book as an advertisement in my email and decided to give it a try. I have not and probably will not go back and read the other two books, since I know how this ends, but I digress….
 This is the love triangle of Katie, Jada, and Adam.

 Adam is obsessed with a girl that died in his arms. Katie looks just like the dead girl, but she is alive and well with no memory of Adam. Jada is Adam’s friend trying to support the man who she has achingly fallen in love with.
 Let me just say, Adam is a jerk. I really don’t like him and didn’t think that he deserved either of these heroine’s. Katie is innocent and sweet, but she has a backbone and mind of her own. Jada is strength, forgiveness, and love. These women are at odds, both in love with the same man, but time and time again they put aside their differences for the well-being of Adam. And what does he do? Tries to have his way with one while feigning concern for the other, Boo!
Deborah Ann Woll as Katie
Megan Good as Jada
Yet, I really liked this story. I kept reading and reading, never knowing who Adam was more in love with or who he would ultimately end up with, but I was wrapped up in both heroines and wanted the best for both. I rooted for Katie as she got her freedom from her overbearing father, I cheered as Jada finally faced the truth of her relationship with Adam, and I yelled at Brian (Adam’s brother) from time to time in between.
 I was so worked up with this story that I read it in one day and had to write this review, it was that good!

The Good: 
The ending chapter made me smile and hot under the collar all at the same time. The ladies; I’m not choosing between them, they are both solid characters.
Stephen Amell of Arrow as Adam
The bad:
Adam’s treatment of Jada at one point crosses a line with me; he put his hands on her and that is a NO-NO. Now, he does not hit her, but he physically forcefully removes her from his apartment, uhm no. NEVER put your hands on me, EVER! Unless, of course, you don’t mind walking with a limp for the rest of your life.

The other thing that bothered me was the pseudo-friendship between Jada and Katie felt a bit contrived at times; I work with women, am a woman, and am related to women, there would have been more name calling and backstabbing in reality, but I appreciate that the author created two mature female characters.

I’m jus sayin:
Adam would have to do a dig himself out of a very deep grave if I were Jada. I’m talking a grave almost deep enough to hit China, there were just too many things that he said to her that would have been the “nails in the coffin” of our relationship. I actually rolled my neck talking to this book and being angry for her.

Brian is a jerk and the character that ends up with him deserves better.

I hate love triangles. So, you know this book is good if I read it in one day.

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