Friday, November 15, 2013

A bit of a disappointment....

Possessed by Thayer King

This book is set in an alternate universe where mutant’s exist. Not like xmen, but several humans exhibit special abilities like telekinesis and clairvoyance. Keva Lane is a channel at the Institute of Parapsychology, a safe place for “enhanced human’s” to go and seek help or refuge. When she
responds to an emergency call to help Sebastian Brooks, a psychic going supernova, things go horribly awry. Normal treatment methods don’t work, and Sebastian rudely suggests that she could cure him with sex. With lives at risk, Keva doesn’t have any choice but to give in to the sexy psychic. Little did she know that she would be setting off a chain of events that would change her life forever.

The good

Mrs. King always comes up with unique storylines and jaw dropping alpha men. She does not disappoint with this book, Bastien is HOT! Bastien is Sebastien’s alter ego, the Mr. Hyde of the two; demanding and plundering his way into Keva’s heart. Sebastien is the Dr. Jekyll, the level headed gentleman that know’s he’s no good for the kind hearted Keva. They both want her, both are out of control, and both can’t seem to keep it together long enough to stay or stay away.
Girl, Mrs. King does the alpha male right. Is he arrogant, yes! What else would you expect from a no hold bars male that tells you what he wants and knows how to fulfill his promises?

The bad

I really liked this book while I was reading until I made it to the end, then I felt underwhelmed. Like, cyberstalking a dress, ordering, then receiving and ripping open the package to find out that it doesn’t fit or is made from lame and makes you look like a giant disco ball; yes, I speak from experience. Here I was expecting a big showdown between Bastien and Sebastien; it was foreshadowed and the man could control the weather, so I thought it could be apocolyptic. And then there was the big bad institute doing wrong by the mutant’s, our heroes were not involved in their comeuppance. In fact, there was barely any conflict at all for the couple. It went from edge of your seat, where will he show up next to boring vanilla romance novel fair.

I really like Ms. King, but this book was a bit of a disappointment.

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