Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Playing my heart with her words....

This book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for a fair review....

Forgive me for taking Mrs. Flacks famous song lyrics and using them to my advantage, but as I lay reading Victoria H. Smith's "The Dividing Line" into the wee hours of the night I struggled to describe how I felt while reading. I'm very self reflective, so between sobs of joy and one-sided conversations with my e-reader I came to the conclusion that the strength, depth, and fluidity of the novel I was reading expertly played my emotions, so that I hung on every word of the page.

Readers who enjoyed The space between, will enjoy the sequel, as Ms. Smith's style of writing continues from the first book two point of view characters, Drake and Lacey speak to the audience is first person; their voices are rich with the vivacity of bold lovers living in a world that is still young and fresh despite the harsh realties that they both have faced. For those who didn't read T.S.B., What were you doing? That books was Really good!!  Download it now, I can wait......

For the rest of us, let me just say that I love this book! And I have to tell you that I'm not really a "Epic romance" kind of girl, I don't even celebrate valentines day, but Ms. Smith's writing is so fresh and her voice is truly unique that I had to make an exception. Lacey's struggle is "real" to me, her talent and her family; I love the relationship that she has with Drake, the one she has with her BFF, and her family. She is such a great heroine; all the attributes I love about us woman without all the ridiculous drama and neck rolling many authors tend to add in to their characters. And did I mention her hair! I love it.

Mr. Godfrey Gao as Truman Drake
Speaking of love, "I felt all flush with fever" at every description of Drake. Oh my word. I can't. I just can't. There is the cutest scene at a bar-b-que, its so Sassy of Lacey, but just the epitome of why Drake was one of my previous Book boyfriends of the month.

Favorite lines:

"My mama's smile was a familiar to me as the warmth of the sun, her touch as memorable as the crisp, light air of a summer breeze. My ears hummed with the memory of her voice. The one that was so though provoking and all consuming. I  could sit forever listening to it, becoming lost in the powerful, melodic sound."

Favorite character:

Godfrey Gao's abs
Drake's abs. Seriously, Smith's description of Drake's abdominal muscles makes my toes curl. Darn that
Lacey is a lucky girl.

Speaking of Lacey, her hair is another of my favorite characters; the way Drake describes how much her wild springy curls turn him; how often he runs his hands through it, and how the smell turns him on. He is one lucky guy.
Singer Vita Chambers as Lacey

Margot is my girl, no I DO NOT condone her choice of employment, but she's smart, sassy, with just a dash of hood; and you have to love her "ride or die" support of her BFF.

I'm jus sayin:

Kudos to Ms. Smith for writing an awesome sequel that I love just as much as the original.

Go out and buy this book! Goodreads, Amazon, or B&N

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