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Wolf and Soul (The Alaska Princesses Trilogy, Book 3)

Theodora Taylor is one of my 1-clicks. In case you don't know, by one-click I mean that I don't read the synopsis, check the page to price ratio, or sample before I buy. I simply purchase with one click. This is major trust on my part, I am frugal and snobbish when it comes to books, but 2T earned my devotion several books ago.

With that being said, I woke up in the wee hours of Friday morning and checked my Youtube and facebook- don't judge me, it was 5:20ish and I refuse to get out of bed until I absolutely have to- The very first thing that I saw was a status update from 2T announcing that Wolf and Soul was available on Amazon. From her FB straight to my ipad I clicked; it was downloaded before I jumped into the shower.

I was finished with the book before my eyes drifted closed at my evenings end. Yes, that's right, I read this book in one day. I fought off sleep depravation and an annoyingly snoring husband because I just had to know how the book ended. The characters and story really resonated with me, so much so, that I ended up waking up early on Sunday and re-reading the book a second time.

I have to say, for me, this is the best 2T book that I've read since her Russian Billionaire, in fact this book cracks my top five favorite books by this author.

Singer Esperanza Spalding as Tu
One of the reasons that I really enjoyed this book was that the characters are more than just shifters, more than just interracial, more than just black letters on a white page. Dare I say they felt real to me? Well, as much as a Bi-racial-Alaskan-wolf-shifter-Princess can be. What I'm commending is the world building; werewolf royalty, meth dealers, dowry's, and deejay's? Oh my! But it all went together so well. The characters were tragically vulnerable, yet strong and protective at the same time. Beautiful. Wonderful, and a gem in my library.

Fav characters:

Tu. Of course I love the she-ro of the story, she is the first Alpha female that I believe 2T has ever
written. What I liked about her is that yes she beautiful with a great body and a wealthy family, but she is also strong, intelligent, yet "ruined." I cheered Tu, I jeered her, and I was really happy that she got her happy ending.

Grady. His "Dudley do-right" persona so endearing, which is not always the case since I tend to like them like I like my coffee, dark and brooding. But, in this case his courage, protectiveness, and vulerability really made me fall for him. Well, that and his large muscular body and giant appendage. I also related to him because of how disrespectful people were towards him because of his handicap.

Fav scene:

When Tu sees Grady and pronounces him, "mine" I fell in love with this book.

I'm jus sayin:

One of the biggest complaints that I had with the last 2T book that I read was that it was feeling a little "wash, rinse, repeat," however, this book blew that idea up like it was a giant killer shark (Get it? Remember? You know, Jaws! Really? They blew up the shark in one and three).

With that being said, I have to throw a little shade, reading the ASL grew a tad tiring to me; like reading a dialect. I know that it was intentional, and it wasn't too awful, I still had to say something.

Say What:

I Actually got on itunes and looked up Colid Fairgood's "Alabama Girls.." That's when I realized that he is character from one of her other series! Ha!

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