Thursday, March 21, 2013

Favorite new author!

Dark genesis by A.D. Koboah
This book is awesome! No really, it's so good that I laughed and cried and now I demand another. The characters rich story fully comes alive on the pages, you see and live with Luna, you fall in love with Avery and by the end you want nothing more than to hold him in your arms and keep him safe. The best way I can describe this is, if "Interview with a vampire" was the grandfather of "Vampire Diaries" and that book had a baby with "Wench" than you would get "dark genesis"
This is the story of an oppressed slave, Luna. She is a woman weighed down by the attention of her master and his son. Seeking solace in a burned chapel she pours her soul out over a stolen bible that she can't even read. Avery, tied to the chapel by his guilt hears her plea and decides to do something about it. Here our story begins...
There are some minor issues:
The epilogue is a tad confusing and I almost stopped there; it was a string of contradictions; relatives having good luck; they were millionaires, but dying tragically. Not lucky in my opinion. And, I didn't care for Dallas and her flippant attitude toward being rich and having a second sight. I hate people who complain about being rich. And people who ignore their instincts.

Dialect is a twofold problem:
1. The author is british and many of the words are spelled in the UK manner. I.e. 'realised' rather than 'realized' and meters are used instead of miles.
2. Luna speaks in a dialect. This can get old fast; though, I moved past this annoyance easily some of you may not.
Grammatical issues:
Location 918 "her face a mask of unalderated hated...." Should be 'hatred' or 'hate'
Location 3390 "..had succeeding in bringing it to its place" should be 'succeeded'

I want my own Avery and I will be writing this author and demanding that she finish and publish the next installment in this series. C-mac has already got baby blue's, do you think he'll wear a long haired wig and let me call him 'Avery?'
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UPDATE!! Hubby scoffed when I asked him to put on a wig, in fact he was so outraged that I have been relegated to having to be "nice." Foot rubs, scalp massages, and waking up earlier than normal to make him breakfast and coffee. Boo! Toe jam sux.

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  1. Dear M

    I just read your review on Amazon and had to send you a quick note saying thank you for such a wonderful review. Unfortunately there have been a few delays when it comes to writing the second book in the Darkling trilogy, but whenever I read reviews like yours, it makes me determined to make sure that the second book is much better than the first. So my aim is to have it published by the end of the year. But I will definitely make sure that you’re one of the first people to read it. And I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your update regarding asking C-mac to wear a wig and let you call him Avery:-)

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

    Kind regards,

    A. D. Koboah