Sunday, April 12, 2015

It Lingers

Omega: An Urban Fantasy Novel

So this is my first book by S.M. Reine and I had no idea that this is a storyline that is shared with a previous series of S.M. Reine's; more back story would have been helpful, because the beginning was lacking and I had to play catch up in the book. Fortunately I am good at putting things together and the author does do a good job of providing enough details to build a good view of this new world after an apocalyptic event.

The good:
Deirdre. She is the perfect "anti-girl" she is not a nice person, not really, but she has to do whatever it takes to survive. I love that she is dark and gritty, hard and soft. I hate reading the same characters over and over, Reine creates someone unique in a sea of the same blah women.
Gage. I loved that he is not the typical "hero", but a good companion for Diedre
Everton Stark. So good to be a bad guy! I love his ruthlessness.He is a real bad gy, not some supped up good guy making poor decisions. He is bad, but does not care cause he is justified. Kind of like Magneto (I just watched Xmen last night), you hate to actually love him.

The bad:
A few errors
cliffhanger ending

Overall: This is a series that I want more of! Yes, the ending had me like No!!! I'm taking away stars, then I kept thinking about it and that is when I knew this is a good book, it lingered!

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