Sunday, April 5, 2015

Not the wig girl!

I am so disappointed that this book ended. I love these characters the story, but most of all I love the writing and how you just get sucked in to the plot. I laughed, I cried, and I talked back to this book, that’s how you know it’s a good read, at least for me anyway!


The good:

Kyra- My favorite Theodara Taylor heroine so far. She is strong without being too hard and sweet without being a pushover.

Collin- A very good match for Kyra. I felt that he had the right amount of alpha in him, mixed with sexy and genuine

Best grandma- Not the wig girl!

Plot- the plot was A+ for me, of all the storylines in this series this felt the most genuine and real. It had just the right amount of drama tempered with emotion and just a dab of comedy.


The bad:

There were some errors in the book, but not enough to detract from the overall story




I had to rearrange my T2 favorites list after reading this book.


Best heroine: Kyra from “His for keeps”

Best alpha male: Nathan “The owner of his heart”

Best romance: me and Theodara Taylor’s writing

Favorite couple: Tu and Grady from “Wolf and Soul”

Best scene: Rafe fights Vikings in full Native American war paint from “Wolf andprejudice”


**If you haven’t read 1 of these get off this review and get the book

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