Thursday, June 5, 2014

Permission to board!

This book was an ARC (advanced reading copy) courtesy of the author.

I am a fan of Ms. Brittan, I find that her books are always unique, her characters intelligent, and the story believable. I was not disappointed by this book, in fact I was very impressed considering that this is a novella. I found that the story is very full with enough details and imagery to support the sweet love story that is at the focus of this book; maybe because I watch a lot of sci-fi, it was just easy for me to imagine the actions sequences. 

I love science fiction movies and reads and I'm so happy to see interracial characters in this genre. I reccommend this to anyone looking for a good vivid read that's not to techie.

I imagined Cyprus as Michael Fassbender in character as "David" in Prometheus.   

Favorite line "There were layers of being screwed- and they range from "kinda" to "truly fucked." This right here fell on the far end"

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  1. Thanks so much for the review M!!!
    *Adds Prometheus to Netflix*