Friday, May 29, 2015

This book is everything!

This book is everything! Everythang!  Full of interesting characters that are fresh and unique,  a story that is unlike any that I have read, and fun. I couldn't put this book down and really rooted for the antagonists to win.
The good:
Maia. Such an amazing heroine full of complexities that draw you to her like a moth to a flame. She feels genuine, I felt her pain and wanted her to get a win.
Well developed plot with the right amount of emotion and action.
Caleb. Despite myself I liked him. he is good and honest, yet still an alpha male
Helix. I want to date him. is that weird?

The bad:
I want more!!!!

Overall: This is one of those books that I wait for, a pearl amongst coal; I literally go through 20+ books a month hoping to find something like this that is full of well written complex characters that make me laugh and cry. This book was everything!

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