Friday, November 22, 2013

This book is on Fire!

This book starts right after "The Masseuse" leaving no time between which I really liked, becuase it flowed from the last book and it would be easy to jump into the story even if you never read the first novel.
Where the first novel was more about romance I really felt that this story really  focused more on the crime aspect and KJRS need for revenge. The mystery/suspect element was not without it's highlights, but overall didn't work for me. There were questions--who was responsible for Lily's death and why, I thought it was very intriguing to hear all the witness accounts and try to solve the mystery for myself as moved from one person to the next; gathering names and evidence.

We got introduced to some new family members and learn so much more about the one's that we already know that I really found myself lost in the mystery. And the ENDING, girl, it got me. I had no idea it was coming and was so excited when it did!

As for the romance between Jez and Ram was different as well; sometimes veering sophmoric, but who's relationship doesn't go there sometimes? I did find pregnant Jezwas a little annoying, but in the end she found her way and we get to read some amazingly good love scenes.

My only critique is that I was disappointed that the setting of South Korea wasn’t described more; would have loved to a flavor of the scenery, culture, and food.

Overall, Mrs. Dubrinskt brings the fire, ALWAYS, so buy the book! @ Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble

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