Friday, May 29, 2015

This book is everything!

This book is everything! Everythang!  Full of interesting characters that are fresh and unique,  a story that is unlike any that I have read, and fun. I couldn't put this book down and really rooted for the antagonists to win.
The good:
Maia. Such an amazing heroine full of complexities that draw you to her like a moth to a flame. She feels genuine, I felt her pain and wanted her to get a win.
Well developed plot with the right amount of emotion and action.
Caleb. Despite myself I liked him. he is good and honest, yet still an alpha male
Helix. I want to date him. is that weird?

The bad:
I want more!!!!

Overall: This is one of those books that I wait for, a pearl amongst coal; I literally go through 20+ books a month hoping to find something like this that is full of well written complex characters that make me laugh and cry. This book was everything!

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Captured (Wolf in Exile Part I): Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance

This book grabs you from the moment you start reading. Its like a really good roller coaster; hard and fast! I would recommend this to ANYONE looking for a good adventurous book that is very interesting and fun.

The good:
Great characters that are easy to identify with and believe.
Great scene setting. It was the perfect amount of information for each chapter. Like it was a movie in my head

The bad:
The book came to an end

Heck ya I'm going to read the next installment, so should you!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is what real romance looks like!!

***I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review

I honestly loved this book! I thought that this romance was "fresh " and unexpected. let me set the plot for you; Patrick is a regular guy who writes his favorite actress after her very public breakup with an action star. he's not looking for anything, just offering her support. Lauren is just a woman in need of a man's attention. They correspond and the fun begins.

The good:
Romance. OMG, I wish Patrick could teach a class about how to be romantic without being obnoxious. I found his style ( and there fore JJ Murray's) to be so refreshing. I'm tired of billionaire bad boy, alpha male, construction worker, cowboys. it's nice to read about a man being an alpha without me having to be told he is an alpha because his bank account or title. My favorite scene's involved St. Louis in the snow. I just found it so quaint and sweet. The scenes didn't need more.

Patrick. Yes, please!

Setting. I liked the descriptions for each city, I could picture each place and really felt like the author took the time to research or visit each site. I wanted a cup of hot cocoa from the Deli and I could see the hotel overlooking the arches.

Papa/Mama. Both were fun no nonsense characters to read.

The bad:
The paparazzi. I felt their interaction got old quick
Having whole conversations during the "adult scenes". No, thanks!

This is a well written fun read that I would recommend to any and everyone. The adult scenes are hot, if a bit chatty, and the romance is real and alive. So much so you want the characters to stay together.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

It Lingers

Omega: An Urban Fantasy Novel

So this is my first book by S.M. Reine and I had no idea that this is a storyline that is shared with a previous series of S.M. Reine's; more back story would have been helpful, because the beginning was lacking and I had to play catch up in the book. Fortunately I am good at putting things together and the author does do a good job of providing enough details to build a good view of this new world after an apocalyptic event.

The good:
Deirdre. She is the perfect "anti-girl" she is not a nice person, not really, but she has to do whatever it takes to survive. I love that she is dark and gritty, hard and soft. I hate reading the same characters over and over, Reine creates someone unique in a sea of the same blah women.
Gage. I loved that he is not the typical "hero", but a good companion for Diedre
Everton Stark. So good to be a bad guy! I love his ruthlessness.He is a real bad gy, not some supped up good guy making poor decisions. He is bad, but does not care cause he is justified. Kind of like Magneto (I just watched Xmen last night), you hate to actually love him.

The bad:
A few errors
cliffhanger ending

Overall: This is a series that I want more of! Yes, the ending had me like No!!! I'm taking away stars, then I kept thinking about it and that is when I knew this is a good book, it lingered!

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Trust me

Trust by Jodi Baker

I was browsing through titles and came upon this title, I read the synopsis and thought that it sounded really interesting, so I gave it a go!

The good;
good writing
interesting story
action- were-jackals, gift giving voices, a surprise rich realtive
mystery- there was a lot of "what will happen next"
I love New York and Anna's summation of neighborhoods is great it really made me feel like Anna was a real new Yorker
A girl who loves books- I love that Anna remembers events in her life based on the book she was reading at the time.

The bad:
Anna is really whinny about living every book nerds fantasy!! What sixteen year old wouldn't want an adventure?

Overall:  Whinny teenage girls aside, this was a fun read that I would recommend to readers who enjoy a lot of mystery.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Not the wig girl!

I am so disappointed that this book ended. I love these characters the story, but most of all I love the writing and how you just get sucked in to the plot. I laughed, I cried, and I talked back to this book, that’s how you know it’s a good read, at least for me anyway!


The good:

Kyra- My favorite Theodara Taylor heroine so far. She is strong without being too hard and sweet without being a pushover.

Collin- A very good match for Kyra. I felt that he had the right amount of alpha in him, mixed with sexy and genuine

Best grandma- Not the wig girl!

Plot- the plot was A+ for me, of all the storylines in this series this felt the most genuine and real. It had just the right amount of drama tempered with emotion and just a dab of comedy.


The bad:

There were some errors in the book, but not enough to detract from the overall story




I had to rearrange my T2 favorites list after reading this book.


Best heroine: Kyra from “His for keeps”

Best alpha male: Nathan “The owner of his heart”

Best romance: me and Theodara Taylor’s writing

Favorite couple: Tu and Grady from “Wolf and Soul”

Best scene: Rafe fights Vikings in full Native American war paint from “Wolf andprejudice”


**If you haven’t read 1 of these get off this review and get the book

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Permission to board!

This book was an ARC (advanced reading copy) courtesy of the author.

I am a fan of Ms. Brittan, I find that her books are always unique, her characters intelligent, and the story believable. I was not disappointed by this book, in fact I was very impressed considering that this is a novella. I found that the story is very full with enough details and imagery to support the sweet love story that is at the focus of this book; maybe because I watch a lot of sci-fi, it was just easy for me to imagine the actions sequences. 

I love science fiction movies and reads and I'm so happy to see interracial characters in this genre. I reccommend this to anyone looking for a good vivid read that's not to techie.

I imagined Cyprus as Michael Fassbender in character as "David" in Prometheus.   

Favorite line "There were layers of being screwed- and they range from "kinda" to "truly fucked." This right here fell on the far end"