Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I love George R.R. Martin. The way he can string together a few words and paint a picture in my head amazes me. I am a full on fangirl when it comes to reading his fire and ice series; I spout family words, recognize sigils and argue conspiracy theories with fellow fans boys and girls.

Knowing how much I enjoy his writing has led me to his other works and short stories which often combine paranormal and science fiction. His Fevre Dream is a great read with an interesting take on vampirism. His short story, skin walker from Night Visons 5 is supposedly one of the best werewolf tales ever written. So, I being the obsessive fangirl, black girl nerd, or BGN have been on the hunt for this book since I finished the last S.4.F.&I, almost two years ago.

NV5 is not offered on Kindle and I am completely opposed to ever buying an actual book again. One, I really hate dusting and having books on my shelves just makes more work. Two, I like that I can carry my books with me wherever I go in case I need to re-read a passage, or Hulk out on some loser that challenges my knowledge of a particular book. Three, I hate all the necessities that go along with reading a physical book, like light (Kindle HD has a backlight), turning noisy pages (hubby complains that I'm making too much noise) and the inevitable stain that ruins the pages. Yes, I eat and read. Don't JUDGE!


I finally found the story in a George RR anthology, Dreamsongs II and the library let me borrow it! Yay!! Fist pumps and happy dance!!! "No, I'm not having seizure" Hubby asks me the strangest questions sometimes :)


  1. From one BGN to another, I must admit I want to both hug and throttle GRR Martin. He created the perfect man for me then dashed my hopes and dreams (and they were some great dreams). For my heart belonged to Ned Stark (RIP my love)


    So I can imagine that if he can pen my Ned into my life like some real object I can hold on to, it wouldn't surprise me if this short story you're after is just wonderful and magnificent. Seriously, the guy's really great at what he does :-)

    Do enjoy the read. And no judgement. Nothing more obvious than a yellow-orangish stain on a page in a book from munching-cheez-Pringles-while-reading. :-)

  2. I prefer to savour chocolate while reading. Or enjoy a glass of wine. I tend to be a crier and a yeller when reading, so I like to do it alone