Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Misses and some cursing..

I enjoy reading Ms. Brown's stories, they usually contain non-traditional AA heroine's falling in love with a-typical heroes. In the books i've reade their situations tend to be fantastical and challenge convention. In Kisses and Curses we meet jewelry designer Vivienne West who cashes in a small inheritence in NY to work a mining stake in Neveda. There she hires a minor to help her. Ezekiel  Proctor, is an ex-confederate soldier with a dark secret.
The romance moves fast with both character physically attracted to one another, but then it kind of falls apart for me. I found the 'love' scenes to be flat, their is an abundance of sex, but it's not well described enough for me to get hot and bothered.

Overall, it was just okay.
There were only a few errors:
Location 1968- "six dozen or so people industry people milled about

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