Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 tails many twitches of my heart by R.E. Butler

A Twitch of Tail by R.E. Butler

This is the story of one witch, Tera, and two weretiger brothers Melo and Tahlon who live in Ohio.  
Normally novella's leave me wanting more, particuarly when the characters are compelling (or hot). Often times the stories seem incomplete or rushed, leaving me with more questions than answers, but I have found a few good novellas, so I give praise when it's due. 
I have to say that overall I enjoyed this novella, the characters were well thought out and the romance was easy to enjoy and the story felt complete. I enjoyed the fact that our heroine didn't run from love and that she had strength and character of her own without needing the men to define her. I also liked that she had previous menage experience, though it didn't go well the first go around, she tried again realizing that her men would treat her like a goddess and not a toy. Oftentimes the female of a menage gets treated as an object by the author, but this is not the case int twitch.
My only gripe is a minor one; I live in Ohio and am familiar with the Cleveland area and I want to know how you write a story about Cle-town with no African-American characters? This is a little offensive. R.E. Butler include some characters of color in your next story please. I'm avaliable if you need inspiration for a intelligent, sassy, full-figured woman of color who enjoys hot men and a good read with a little adventure on the side.
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