Thursday, April 18, 2013

Loving Zeek & Thorn

I was so excited when Dicey Grenor announced this novella on her facebook page. I am a huge fan of the Narcoleptic Vampire series and of the author herself. Mrs. Grenor is a good at creating smart, sassy, sexy characters that are complex, yet endearing. So, I knew this novella was going to be in my Kindle library as soon as it came out.

I was gifted this novella from Mrs. Grenor, but my opinion of her work was not influenced by her generosity.

So let's get into this review:    

Zeek is one of Willow's grooms, the lone sister in the troupe of men that made Willow a master vampiress.  She loves her second life of health and strength after a lifetime of ostracism and illness. Enter Thorn, a preacher left behind after the rapture. A man trying to live right after a lifetime of doing so many people wrong.

When the two meet Thorn tries to resist the temptation of his favorite drug and Zeek struggles to show Thorn the real her, in all her glory.

Zeek's spirit is beautiful despite being battered over an over by abuse and ignorance. Her loyalty, strong beliefs and loving nature make it hard not to fall for her character. At first I didn't like Thorn, how could I? He really didn't have that many redeeming qualities at first, he's so concerned with her appearance, but then we get to watch him fall in love with someone he totally doesn't expect. He sees Zeek's spirit and falls in love with HER, not her body or what she can do for him. But the raw person inside, which is all she ever wanted in a lover.

I'm just saying:

The adult scene in this book is may test some of you, but they are not too graphic and done with class. Personally I found them to be tender and sweet, the slow burn of eroticism is still there, but handled with such care that it makes you smile affectionately cause you understand the motivations and the elation that the characters fell when they finally get down to the dirty.

Favorite character: 
Vance. I have a girl crush on her now. Yeah she's sexy and can kick your ass, but she's also nurturing and true to herself and her friends.

Monroe. OK, maybe it's the perv in me but his line, "It took me two hours, but I finally put the Mrs. to bed" made my insides feel good.

Favorite line:
"The only thing worse than a horny vampire is a hungry one"

Complaints: I wanted more!


This book is a blast!  Sexy, raw, and human. The real humanity, not that fluff and stuff of gallant pretty people that pay lip service. But, the humanity that makes you look in the mirror and tell yourself to be a more accepting person. Read it, challenge yourself to expand your literary horizons, you might discover that we're ALL really not that far apart from one another.

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  1. Awww! Thanks for reading my book and writing this great review, Monica! I'm glad you enjoyed it...and DAMN. I have to stick to full length novels. I keep reading comments like "I want more!" It definitely pleases me that you're a fan. I will give you MORE. Stay tuned. ;)