Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hot and molten mercury

Murder by Ritual by LeTeisha Newton


on the scene of a grisly quadruple murder Eris Herrington thinks she’s been pushed too far. Strands--humans who now had the power to walk as animals or, like her, could see into anything they touch--haven’t been public for long. A killer among them won’t be good.

Eris realizes she’s been manipulated for this case in order to join the Strand Special Core, and Ken Satou will be her partner. She’s ready to walk away, but Ken won’t stand for it. If he has to seduce her into submission to solve this case that is exactly what he’ll do.

The Good:
This paranormal romance is a well thought out and fun read. One of those mysteries that became a “I just have to know,” spurring late nights and early mornings with my ipad. And it did not let me down; with a nice twist and a good plausible ending.
To be honest, it took me until page 24 to get really invested, here is the line that had me hooked, Ken describing Eris’ eyes, “as hot and molten mercury” I was mesmerized. And can this author write good kiss! “One of his palms cradled the of her head, the other her right cheek holding her face to his as he plundered her mouth…” (Pg77). Talk about hot and steamy! And did I mention that the characters ‘love’ scenes are plentiful and well written?
Fav character: Dr. Heming, I do love myself a hunky geek add in vampire and its off the charts lust for me. Yes, I love the strange characters and the bad guys, they have no filter and say exactly what I’m thinking!
The  bad:
I deducted a star for all the reiteration; I was beaten over the head with the idea that they are mates. Okay, I get it!
And I deducted for awkward sentences, “Any person who is possible to come into the special core as an agent is submitted to a background check…. (pg69)” I believe the word that should have been used was ‘candidate.’  “Any candidate of the special core is submitted to a background check…. (pg69)”
Which brings me to my next point, the book got too wordy at times. However, this can be resolved with a beta reader and an aggressive editing eye..
I'm jus sayin:
I was blown away by the world building in this book and am glad I was introduced to such an imaginative author.

Want to judge it for yourself? Head on over to Goodreads, Amazon, or B&N!

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