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Growing up in a small North Carolina town gave Dicey plenty of time to dream of Hollywood and vampires. She loved escaping in great movies and fiction books, and discovered she wasn't bad at writing either. But she didn't think that was going to pay the bills or that anyone would take her seriously.

So she graduated high school, college and graduate school, then moved to Texas for law school. After getting married and having two babies, she decided it was past time to start doing what she was passionate about.

Now that she's a wife, mother, attorney and published author, she feels thrilled and fulfilled.
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Dicey Grenor author of the narcoleptic vampire series and shameful.

BD:Favorite character of your creation?

Ezekiel (Zeek of Zeek's loving thorn), my intersexed vampire. I thrive hard to create unique characters. I have yet to hear of another vampire with male AND female genitalia. It pleases me to write a character so different, so daring. But it's not just about her physical make-up. She has so many layers. The insecure individual, starving for love and seeking acceptance, to the trained warrior, fearless in battle and selfless in aiding others. I'd love to meet her in real life.

BD: Details are divine, how do you keep track of them?

I'm one of those people who has to have wall decorations hung perfectly straight and symmetrical. Chair pillows have to be put back in the exact spot they were taken from. Dresser drawers and cabinets must be closed when not in use. Lights have to be off when no one's in the room. Oh, I have a long list of OCD must-haves. Yikes. But I revealed those HORRENDOUS things about myself to explain this fact: Details are extremely important to me. I keep a detailed plot outline and timeline for each book I write, along with pictures of actors that fit my characters. There's still room to deviate from my plans, but not on the critical, most important details. I also read my books over and over again so that I don't forget the tone of my stories, character voices, or plot devices.

BD: Look into my crystal ball:
Which one of your books would you like to become a movie?

I'd like to see all of my books onscreen, but if I had to pick one--that's currently written--to become a movie, it would be SHAMEFUL. That's about a married mother of three who has an affair with a sixteen-year-old. If the casting is just right on that one, it would be wonderfully naughty. I think The Narcoleptic Vampire Series would work better as a television show. *HBO--"Call me."*

BD: Best fan encounter
I'm still a relatively new, unknown author, so my encounters usually occur in social media. My best fan encounters occur every time a reader sends me a tweet, comments on my FB page, emails me, texts me, posts a heart-felt review, shares my book links, or blogs about how much they enjoyed one of my books. I love it all! 

BD: Do you practice the moves of your love scenes before you write them?

I wish...but no, not most of them. It's all in my head, from my imagination. Once, I attempted to wrap a seat belt around hubby's neck to get the logistics right for a Willow/Remi scene in SLEEPY WILLOW'S BONDED SOUL, but hubby wasn't hearing that, for some reason. You've read the books. You know I'd get arrested for at least half that stuff. 

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