Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kindle Love

Yes, I am a Kindle Fire snob; I refuse to read physical books and am offended if you suggested such a ridiculous idea. What would I do with a physical book? Read it without a size or font option? Without a carousel of my book cover lovies to spin through? P-shaw, wash your mouth out with soap and read the following...................

 Back health:
Seriously, I read 1000 page books; can you imagine carrying one of those with my 64oz of H20, notebooks, and lunch to work? The chiropractor would have my book money, with the Kindle I can carry all of the George R.R. books (He's written more than just S4FI) and thousands of others in my hand bag only add about 15oz to it. That's less than my water and more money in my pocket for books! Yay! 

Convenience; I always take my books with me to work, I read during breaks and lunches, it helps me escape my day. But, what if I want to read something else ( I sometimes lose interest in a book, or another storyline fills me with anticipation)? Because of my kindle, I can read my entire library of books whenever I feel like it; waiting for the Doctor, restaurants, airports, on long rides with hubby. Whenever the mood strikes, my arsenal is there. Or, I can borrow from digital downloads, the public libraries (more to come) website for borrowing books with none of those pesky fees when I return the book late, cause I will return the book late. 

 General Laziness;
Haven't you figured that out about me yet? I don't want to carry heavy things and I'm too lazy to drive myself to the library to pick up or return books, especially with gas at $4.00/ga. And I don't have to leave my house or reading corner to get my books. Or, leave the bed if I want to wake up in the wee hours and watch YouTube or 'research' something ridiculous that I just thought about,  like "wang chung" or supernova, first the movie than the stellar explosion. That is the best way to start your day isn't? Doing something relaxing and joyful that is guilty and feels like sin, but isn't, like eating truffles.

 I'm in love with certain books and characters:
So much so that I have to them with me at all times. What if I need a pick me up that only Shelly Laurenston can provide? Or, a really good mystery a-la James Patterson? Or, a good and dirty love story like Owner of his heart by Theodara Taylor or a good makes you so mad you cry book like James Baldwin's Native son? I have them all with me, so I never get bored. That is unless I have hit the end of the internet, in that case there is always going outside and taking a walk or riding a bike (Yes I do those things too!).

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