Tuesday, August 21, 2012

50 shades of huh?

50 Shades of Grey: It's all the rage; every woman and her sister and their friends are clubbing this book, so what is a book blogger like me to do? Jump in front of the train behind all of my friends of course!

E L James' Anastasia a soon to be graduates sets out to do a friend a favor, interview enigmatic entrepreneur Christian Grey. Their meeting is mediocre; uncomfortable questions "are you gay", cold glances from the reclusive young billionaire and the bumbling and stumbling of a young woman uncomfortable with herself, but Grey see's something in Ana and proceeds to pursue her. 

The Good: Not much.

The Bad: Execution. I have a lot of nerve, right? I've never gotten anything published, but despite that I'm allowed to vent on my blog. So, this book fell apart for me with in the first few pages, the POV narration comes through completely British to me; I like British, but she is supposed to be American and her vernacular (she grew up middle class most of use cabinets, not cupboards) is slightly unbelievable. So is the idea that the character is a naive twenty something; some of her observations are to mature, though she is portrayed as being na├»ve and inexperienced. Part of this POV from the character is her inner thoughts neurosis that are constantly proving her discomfort with herself; we all have them, but to read someone else's blubberingly self-effacing inner voice becomes annoying after a while. What does she see in Christian other than that he is a young, attractive, billionaire? Is it a control thing? Personally I found how bossy he is in the beginning alarming; his comments about strapping her seat belt on were disturbing; alarm bells should have been ringing, even for someone as `innocent' as her. And this book is too vanilla; the one and only brown person tries to forcibly seduce the skinny, pretty, ultra-neurotic, adorably klutzy Caucasian girl. She is of course saved by a white knight who then leap frogs from unnerving stalker to crush and first lover (Start mailing packages to her house, trace her cell, track them down, and meet them unbidden? yes, its stalking).

Overall: Honestly, I found the whole thing ridiculously average and contrived; I've been stalked it's not sexy. And, I've dated controlling men before as well, also not sexy; especially when they break out 'gear'. 

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