Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Antagonize me:

 Why I prefer the villain                            

Most people's favorite character in a book is the protagonist the good guy; mine is the antagonist the adversary of the hero. Yes, I love a good baddy; not to say that I'm evil or want the world annihilated, government thrown into chaos (cause the politicians do a great job of that themselves), or for them to marry/kill the girl; but, I do some key things about them................ 

 No restraint; wouldn't all of us love to let go? Really say and do what we want, "That color makes your skin look like oatmeal," or "No, you are not God's gift to women, you are God's gift to 1-800 numbers and dating services." Some of us actually say those things, but that "us" would never jump up on the "returns" counter at Target and start a riot would we? Yes, but only in our fantasies. The villain does just that, they cross the line, no matter where that line may be as long as they achieve their goal, it's worth it to them. 

They are having so much fun abandoning society's rules. While the good guy is straining to save the world the bad guy is having a blast blowing it to smithereens, I envy that a little. And, the more ruthless, despicable, & nasty they are, the more I can't wait for them to get their comeuppance. Hello, Joffrey Baratheon (from Song for Fire and Ice series) I'm talking to you! 

 I'm just sayin: Doesn't the protagonist get on your nerves even a little bit? They're so annoyingly "perfect" that I want to punch them in the face, Yeah that's right Sookie Stackhouse series with your free house, bikini sun bathing, every man I meet falls in love with me self. I'm working on my left jab just for you. Not that Sookie's life is perfect, but she never has to compromise and everything always works out for her in the end. And then there are characters like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Trilogy; a selfish, hot headed heoine who I completely hated. When marching to her death, Katniss tearfully says goodbye to her sister, but then turns to her mother; who she never forgives for sinking into depression after her father's death; and says, don't get depressed when I die. Ok, sure I won't be sad about the death of my oldest child. Total Bee-yotch! Did I want the capital to fall? Heh, sure. But, did I love it when Peeta choked her out? Yes, please! 

 I'm sayin so authors should listen:  I love the villain, they are often my favorite character, so I hate when someone takes a perfectly good baddy and castrates them. I recently read a book where the bad gal turned to a good gal towards the end of the book. Boo! How boring I don't want to feel sorry for the baddy, like Cersi Baratheon in a S.F.I. Who am I supposed to hate? Who will I yell at as I read? Whose death will I cheer? Stop! Keep them gloriously bad and let me love-hate them. Thankfully, Martin took the hint and Cersi is now back on top and should be madder and badder than ever in the next book!

Great villains: 

Serena from Ron Rash book Serena  

The Grinch from Dr.Seuss The Grinch who stole Christmas

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