Tuesday, September 4, 2012

B.B.F.M Book boyfriend of September...................

Trent Kalamack of The Hollows series by Kim Harrison

In case you've never read the hollows series, here's a short synopsis: The Hollow's are the fictional neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio in the series that all the "other" type of people live; werewolves, witches, and vampires. Trent though, lives on an estate in a human suburb and is a wealthy businessman/thug and savvy entrepreneur ( Which is what my cousin pookie who sells "stuff" on the corner calls himself).was the only child of wealthy parents and philanthropist; with a dark side. Handsome, tall, athletic, powerful and intelligent Trent is almost the perfect package for the following reasons:    

Dark side: Ruthless and driven which is a good thing when it comes to business, but a bad thing when he has a scientist working for him killed for refusing to create stronger illegal drugs. Harsh right? But in Trent's mind necessary cause said drugs help the sick heal faster. Honorable: Kind of, he does make arrangements for said scientists ill daughter to have a scholarship and trust fund. He also has several foundations for orphans, & helps the protagonist of the series several times. He also bashes her head against a gravestone, but she made him her slave(in name only), so she kind of deserved it. 

This picture and the one above are of Rupert Friend, but he is my interpretation of what Kim Harrison's character would look like if her were a real person (With blonder hair, of course)

Wicked sense of humor: Turned heroine into a mink; kept her in a hamster cage complete with wheel and water bottle. 

I'm just sayin: Sarcastic, intelligent and a little something other ( I'm not telling, it's a series secret) mixed into a sinful package that will challenge, protect, and honor me? Yes, Please!
To check out Trent and this great book series, Click here

Runner Up: Alcide Herveaux from Trueblood/Sookie Stackhouse series
Tall muscular and deeply devoted to his pack; didn''t you read that 1st part? Tall and muscular, Yes, please!!!

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