Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ravaged by Jaide fox

C-mac and I were huge fans of the Starz original series "Spartacus" in all its glory. Obviously we watched for different reasons;
Cmac: "What did he just say?"
Me: "there's dialog in this show?"
Cmac: "Be serious, What did he say"
Me: "Seriously, I'm only watching for the man meat, beefcake, to ogle these studs muffins. Stop sighing, you sound so exasperated"
Cmac: "So degrading. Do you ever think of anything else? 
Me: "shopping and shoes. Stop rolling your eyes! You asked"
Cmac: "I'll just rewind it"
Me: "ooh, goody! More muffins!

So with the last episode of the muffin show having been aired in march I was missing a little blood and sex in my life. Enter "Ravaged (pleasure masters(futuristic BDSM Alpha Shifters)" by Jaide fox.

The story of a gladiator winning the ultimate prize, a willing sex slave. Did I mention that he has a magical member? Uhm, yeah! Read and enjoyed!

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